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Shopping info
1. Label 
We stamped a label on every ceramic membrane element. They include:
trade mark
production date

2. Package
JIUsi has the package standard of ceramic membrane elements.
After receiving the membrane, the number of  membrane must be checked first, and the specification and batch number of the membrane should be recorded, and the certificate information of the membrane tube should be kept for reference;
When the membrane is packed (carton, wooden box), it should be handled gently to avoid broken; gloves should be worn to prevent the surface of the membrane from being dirty;
The number of membrane is less than 5 (only 1 meter long membrane tube). It is packed in the company's standard carton. It is required to fill the foam fully, compact and compact, and wrap the foam with tape. The surface is clean and tidy. The carton must be taped, flattened, and neatly affixed with rain, moisture, fragile, upward, anti-collision packaging marks;
The number of membranes with more than 5 membranes (including 1.2 meters long) is packed in export wooden boxes. It is required to use foam to bottom the bottom (the thickness of two foams), then fill the foam fully, and compact foam. It must be cut neatly and tidy, the wooden box is clean, there is little foaming, and the appearance is beautiful, firm and fast;
The membranes with more than 50 membrane tubes shall be packaged vertically, using flat foam/10 packs to prevent the membrane tubes from being damaged during transportation.

3. Transportation 
membrane elements must be treated with great care during transportation, to avoid impact, knock and press and should be kept protected from dampness and extreme temperature.
In any case the membrane elements have to be absolutely dry. Not to be thrown down.

4. Storage
Elements in the box should be stored in a dry, ventilated and clean storage. During storage, elements are checked periodically to ensure that the membrane elements are dry. Otherwise, membranes will deteriorate and can be restored again.

5. Important notice
You must pay attention to the properties and behavior of different chemicals. Using incompatible chemicals can cause damage to membrane elements and the device will invalidate the membrane warranty.
Any operations of membrane elements NOT in accordance to the operating manual and technical parameters will invalidate the membrane warranty.

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